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Sun Protection in the Home 

We are constantly being bombarded with warnings about how dangerous the sun can be. Most of us 
lather up before leaving the house but give little thought to sun protection in our own homes. Sun 
protection is just as important in the home though. 

Sunlight can be as Damaging Indoors 

Anywhere the sun can reach, it can cause damage. Not only is sunlight dangerous for your family, it is 
also detrimental to your home furnishings and fittings - caused fabric and wood to fade and also 
weakening it. 

Protection from the Sun 

At the same time, you cannot keep your curtains closed all day so you need to look for a new way to 
protect your home. 

Sun Blinds Brisbane 

Image Blinds offers an innovative and stylish solution in the form of sun blinds. These blinds are 
manufactured specifically to filter out harmful UV rays but still let rays of light through. This allows you 
to have a good deal of protection whilst, at the same time, still allowing a good amount of light into the 

These roller blinds simply roll up and out of the way when not needed. They provide a simple and stylish 
decor solution and don't take up a lot of space. 

Choose the Perfect Fit for your Decor 

Choosing the perfect fit is easy, especially with the wide range of choices available at Image Blinds. You 
can choose just about every color under the sun and the blinds come in a wide range of finishes as well. 

Dual Purpose 

They can also be dual purpose - should you need black out blinds at night, you can order a double roller 
blind. This provides the perfect solution when you need to create complete darkness at night. 

Getting the Blinds Custom Made 

Getting the blinds custom made is quite simple and easy to do. Simply measure your windows - there 
are tips on how to do this at 

You can then arrange to have the blinds installed professionally or you can install them yourselves. It is 
really easy to install the blinds and you don't need any specialized equipment - you just drill a couple of 
holes into the window frame. Then you just screw the blinds into place. 

You do need to ensure that the holes are properly lined up and in the right position and you are on the 
way to new window dressings. 

When it comes to protecting your home and its contents from the sun, roller image blinds are the way 
to go.